The importance of making widgets

Is working more hours always correlated to a need to feel important?  I can see it both ways: surely, a start-up solopreneur needs to put in more hours than a widgeteer on an assembly line.  Maybe the same amount of widgets are made in 10 hours as in 8, but when one person plays all the roles —  widgeteer,  Widget Manager, and owner of Widgets R Us — those extra 2 hours aren’t just handy, they’re necessary.

On the other hand, if work is used as a way to avoid relationship work at home, any extra hours are too many!

We’re too work-saturated as it is; fueling not only the acquisition of money but the corresponding acquisition of  things that show that we’ve acquired money.  And if more money comes from more time at work, that becomes the priority in life.

Don’t know any other way to demonstrate how much you care for your partner? Put your priorities where your wallet is:  Improving relationship skills are pound for pound cheaper than a new car.  Besides, one depreciates the second you drive it off the lot and the other appreciates with every mile.


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